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Delivering the hype & embracing fan culture 


BeatCraze Events is a London based Public Relations agency, founded in 2015. Our solution is unique. We specialise in all things communication, concerts, event planning and executing marketing strategies to ensure our clients are connected to their audience. The majority of the clients we represent are artists from the Korean music and entertainment industry.

We focus on Marketing, PR and Production.

BeatCraze Events have worked closely with the media, record companies and artists in marketing to European audiences. Even reaching over a million people organically in past campaigns. Our team have solid experience in live event and concert production to embrace fan culture, increase brand awareness and sales. Find out how our tailored services can help your upcoming event whether big or small.

Here at BeatCraze Events, we love a good laugh! Together with our partners we embrace fan culture and provide live and exclusive updates on shows, interviews, press conferences and other events across Europe. Join us on our exciting journey!