B.A.P LOE AWAKE 2016: London and Düsseldorf


B.A.P returned to Europe for their LOE AWAKE Tour 2016. The excitement of the fans and staff all around was a great feeling!

Watch: LOE AWAKE London vlog with Ashley Marie

As one of the most iconic tours in Kpop history, Babyz in London and Düsseldorf took pride in flaunting their merchandise and freebies to remind them that they were a part of this experience.
B.A.P's trademark 'alien' and 'no war' theme was kept throughout the tour. They hit the stage with 'Warrior,' their debut song, and the energy at both shows were immense! B.A.P also performed some refeshing & powerful remixes of 'Badman,' 'Hurricane' and 'No Mercy' which turned that segment of the concert into an EDM party.

For the London show, B.A.P expressed how delighted they were to be back in the UK and said they will be back again next year! They filmed their music video in London back in 2014 so it's a city they have fond memories of. "A place full of dreams" noted Yongguk. In Düsseldorf, the show was a non-stop party. Babyz prepared a German flag which was signed by all the fans at the front row, who successfully threw it to BAP on stage.

LOE AWAKE 2016 in London and Düsseldorf no doubt had the entire audience hyped! The guys put on great performances - as though they had never taken a break.  

This tour has definitely got everyone geared up for the music festival season!
Check out the videos from LOE in Europe.

B.A.P have improved since their last tour in 2014. If you have the chance you should definitely see them perform LIVE!