Interview: Rock Bottom x London

The love for K-hiphop in Europe is no myth. Fans travelled from all over the continent including other countries such as Malaysia, Korea and Mexico to meet this awesome and unique K-hiphop crew. If that's not dedication then what is?

We caught up with Rock Bottom Crew and Marvel J of DaeNamHyup after their very successful sold out London show on April 14th. 
The crew thoroughly enjoyed the show and thought the fans were well behaved. They had a great time looking around London and were very laidback and chill as they took in the London vibes.

View ROCKBOTTOMxLONDON photo album here and watch the video below!

One thing to remember is that Rock Bottom are a multi talented crew made of rappers, producers, dj's, directors and a model. The crew are not particularly close to other hiphop crews or underground rappers. They also told us that they will not sign to a record label, which further proves how much they enjoy doing their own thing without the approval of corperate management.

1) What's the difference between Rock Bottom and Daenamhyup?
There's a difference in the members and difference in music and the crew's color.

2) What was your best moment from the concert on Thursday?
For the concert, from the start to the end it was great. It was a great experience to meet fans in London! 

3) Do you have anything to say to your fans back in Korea?
Stay tuned for new performances in Korea too!

4) What advice do you have for young people who are confused about their career?
Do whatever you do with fun... sorry we are confused everytime too.

5) What cities would you like to perform in next?
We would like to perform in Paris or Berlin next.

6) What is your favourite song right now?
Gallant - Bourbon

7) Any final comments? 
We had such a good experience in London beacuse of BeatCraze. Wish we meet again. Thank you so much for everything.

Stay tuned for more on Rock Bottom and continue to support the members as they have so much in store! We're glad to have hosted Rock Bottom's first overseas concert. We had a lot of fun and we wish them all the best in the future!