Review: Boys Republic Europe Royal Tour in London

 Boys Republic Europe Royal Tour 2015

Boys Republic arrived to London from Paris on Saturday 4th July. The fan support for the Boys Republic Europe Royal Tour in London was unbelievable, they completely SOLD OUT! 

They began the showcase with “I’m Ready” and “You Are Special” both of which are from their Identity album. Boys Republic then aligned themselves centre stage for an introduction. Sungjun started off by saying “Thank you so much for coming to our first showcase! I’M SO HAPPY YEAH”. They then took it in turns to introduce themselves individually from maknae Suwoong down to leader Onejunn who said “I’m in charge of vocal and housekeeping in the team.”

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Next up they performed “The Real One” with pinstriped suits and powerful dance moves. Which showcased the masculinity of the group. Sunwoo (Dabin)’s vocals were extremely smooth and Onejunn’s notes were all well projected and dynamic. After this there was another talk time where Sunwoo disappeared backstage and the members engaged the audience to call him out in Korean several times. He then came out and sung a beautiful cover of Robbie William’s “Angels” and was shooed away by Suwoong who was ready to perform his solo stage. 

Suwoong sang Michael Buble’s “Come Fly With Me” with a standing mic in the most classically enchanting voice ever! Onejunn sat at a keyboard and performed a heartwarming cover of John Legend and Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” followed by a sincere version of "Haru Haru" by Big Bang. He then got up and sang Maroon 5- “Sugar” and was accompanied by the rest of the members. Afterwards, they performed “Hello” (+acapella version) and all the fans held up the banners saying “Always With Boys Republic". Later the rapper and dancer line aka Sungjun and Minsu rapped to Lil Wayne’s 6 Foot 7 Foot instrumental and then livened up the show with a hiphop cover of “Uptown Funk”.

One highlight of the showcase was when all of Boys Republic appeared on stage after their solo performances. They showcased their impeccable dance moves to “X” by Chris Brown just as any other Kpop group, their choreography was well synchronised and you could see and hear their foot stamping in unison. Towards the ending of their concert they showed off their bubbly side with songs “Party Rock”, “LIU” and “Video Game”. They gave so many handshakes and jumped off stage further increasing their love for fans! 

Overall Boys Republic’s Royal Tour in London was extremely fun and intimate. At the end of the concert you could hear lots of people exclaiming: “This is the best Kpop concert I’ve ever been to!"