Review: Topp Dogg Europe Tour in London

Topp Dogg Europe Tour in London takes 2015 by storm!

Friday 4th September, Troxy London, 8:30pm

Despite the lack of kpop in the UK it seems we have been spoilt with Boys Republic, F(x) at the Korean Culture Festival and now a Topp Dogg Europe Tour in London, in the UK in just the space of 2 months.

For those who do not know, Topp Dogg are a K-pop group composed of 12 members who tend to focus on the hip-hop genre. They are not the most popular of K-pop groups but definitely should be as the have proved to us through their awesome rapping, energetic dances and smooth vocals!

The show started around 8:30 pm where there was a short clip shown of the tours Topp Dogg have done this year starting from Japan in January to them in Europe. As soon as the words “Topp Dogg In London” appeared on the screen, the crowd exploded with screams and chants and Topp Dogg kicked off the show with their latest single - 'Annie'. Topp Dogg introduced themselves in English and told us what they had been up to for the past year - acting, choreographing and preparing for a long awaited album to be released next month! The fans also got a quick peek of BJoo’s abs !

Energetic songs like 'Open The Door', 'Follow me', 'Keep smiling' and the smooth jazz sounding 'Cigarette' were up next. Fans surprised Topp Dogg with a small fan project we organised with Topp Dogg UK. Everyone in the venue held up a banner that had “Forever With Topp Dogg” written on it. This seemed to give the boys an energy boost as they realised they still have loyal international fans who thanked them for coming to the UK.

The rapper line formed by Kidoh, Yano, Jenissi and A-Tom performed their stage. This was possibly the stage that started to get the fans even more hyped! This was then followed by the Wizard line formed by Hojoon, Xero, Hansol and Bjoo, who performed something they had especially prepared for their Europe tour and it did not disappoint! 

Topp Dogg then went on to prove their English skills, vocals and dancing with their cover of Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do which they had released on their YouTube channel before the Europe Tour. They then chose 6 fans to come on stage to play a game similar to Chinese whispers and charades. The members interacted with all their fans making them laugh and cheer to their small antics and craziness. The winning team won a small prize from Topp Dogg.

Another surprise for Topp Dogg followed when two fans presented a cake to them on stage. This project was also prepared by Topp Dogg UK & BeatCraze who designed the cake with the help of fans who also put their donations towards it. Once again, the members looked incredibly happy to see that fans really do care about them. Some members took a small taste of the cake during the photo session,yes A-Tom we caught you!

The concert finished with a party like atmosphere. Although it was a seated venue, Topp Dogg told everyone to leave their seats. Fans ran up to the stage and partied with the boys - who thew water over the crowd. Overall, Topp Dogg caught us off guard once again with their charisma, energy and talent, despite already attending their Milan concert. We hope to see Topp Dogg back in the UK again!

All the pictures can be found in our Facebook page.