Sik-K and Yelows Mob FLIP Tour: Europe

On October Sik-K and Yelows Mob held their first European tour in London (sold out), Berlin and Madrid. We had a chat with them about how they met, food and pets! Check out the video below for a sneak peek of what happened before the show plus a very insightful interview: 


Yelows Mob are comprised of rappers, producers, graphic designers and models. Sik-K and Mac Kidd will be the main performers of the tour with DJ Child (Sungmin) and Naeezy. As a young rapper, Sik-K has already made a strong impact in the underground hiphop world and appeared on popular South Korean TV program Show Me The Money 4 (SMTM4). Yelows Mob are well known for collaborating and producing songs for many K-hiphop artists such as AOMG.

Sik-K released his debut album ‘FLIP’ on July 20th which garnered much attention in the Korean Hiphop scene. Recently, Sik-K and Yelows Mob had their song, 'Eung Freestyle' featured in YouTube's official advert. The video gained over 5 million views in under a week! 

They performed fan favourites such as ‘Better Life’, ‘Respect’, ‘Call it Love’, ‘Alcohol’, ‘No Where’ as well as his latest release 'Rendezvous' and many more! You absolutely cannot miss this interview!