5 Ways to Make the Most of a Concert

We spoke to a few fans and got their thoughts on how to enjoy concerts to the max. So we’ve collated these brilliant tips that we’re sure you’ll love! Try these 5 cool tips at the next concert.

1) Buy the right tickets

Each ticket category comes with it's perks. This could be early access into the venue, an exclusive soundcheck or a chance to meet the artists. Be sure to get the tickets you are happy with as you may not be able to upgrade them. Another important tip is to check the seating plan for venues like arenas so you get the view you are satisfied with.

2) Avoid harassing the artists

Remember your favourite artists are human too so give them some space and avoid doing anything that you wouldn’t like people doing to you. Also, do not embarrass yourself by attempting to go backstage unauthorised.

3) Try to put your phone down

Don't waste the night taking blurry pictures and inaudible videos. Enjoy the experience. Let the vocals and visuals overtake you. We all have a tendency to reach for our phones to record all the fan service we are receiving and capture the litness. But why not put your phone down at times during the night and enjoy the show fully without being distracted by your phone? We challenge you to try this at the next show you go to!


4) Hold back on the drinks

After a long day of queueing you may be more than ready to get inside the venue for a drink and turn up to the music! Most bars inside the venues are open the entire night so make sure you have a moderate intake of alcoholic beverages. In addition, having trustworthy friends who can take care of you is always great. Remember, over drinking may not only ruin the night for you but for those around you.

5) Don't get your items confiscated or thrown away

Check the terms & conditions for the event you are going to as each show may vary. At the doors, security check bags and throw out drink bottles, food, dangerous objects and lighters etc. If you are unsure which items are allowed inside the venue you can contact the organisers in advance. Furthermore, there usually is an opportunity to leave fan gifts for the artists - be sure to ask staff! Also, iPads and large lense cameras may get confiscated so make sure you are prepared to hand them over.