8 Things Most Fans Do...

Here are some things most fans can relate to when their favourite artist or band is coming to their city.

1) You follow their social media pages for updates and keep an eye out on clues of where they are.

2) You convince your friends to listen to their music, and you may even try to get them to come with you to their show.

3) You join or create a fan page dedicated to your favourite band or solo artist.

4) You begin to change your social media profile picture, name or header to set a theme. You may even add some of their lyrics to your bio.

5) The younger fans can definitely relate to this one! - You beg your parents for extra pocket money or hunt down those friends who still owe you. 

6) When tickets go on sale, you have the page open before the release time and refresh the page. 

7) You listen to all their albums and familiarise yourself with lyrics and dance moves.

8) When it's time for the show you get to the venue as early as 9AM to line up early and in some cases you camp at the venue overnight.

What do you do when your favourite artist is coming?