Earlier this week we announced one of our biggest projects called 'The Young Creatives' also known as #TYC2017. We are super excited to reveal this to you all so we will explain a little more about it below - without giving too much away!

What is it?

‘The Young Creatives’ is a new campaign designed to inspire young people in creative industries through a series of exclusive interviews. We will reveal the first artist in May 2017. The aim is to find out how young & successful singers, rappers, producers and entrepreneurs etc. have paved their own way despite the challenges they may face from being either young or female.

We hope their stories inspires and empowers you to achieve your own dreams and goals!

Who are the artists?

#TYC2017 will initially feature exclusive artists hailing from Korea, they have taken time to participate in this amazing campaign! Some of them have worked with your favourite artists! Each week an artist will be revealed. They will answer questions about the challenges they face as young and talented individuals making it big! Can you guess which artists will be featured? Would you like to see them in your city?

They are the young creatives doing it their way!

Let us know which artists you want to see featured on Twitter or Facebook using #TheYoungCreatives #TYC2017 or #영크리에이티브! We will be launching soon so keep an eye out on this page

Contact us to be featured.