[Interview] NAVINCI K-pop Dancer Talks Europe Tour, Red Velvet and more!

The super talented Navinci took some time to answer our questions during his time in Germany for his successful Europe dance workshop tour. Many of you may know of Navinci by his personal name Minsung or the ex-Toppdogg member Hansol. Navinci explains why we should start dancing, what dance means to him and wanting to work with Red Velvet.


 Your dance classes attract people from all backgrounds and levels of dancing, what would you say to someone who is afraid to start dancing?

Uhm… I think when you say that you are afraid to start dancing you mean that you want to dance but you are afraid of people seeing you. But you know, we only live once, I think it is natural to dance, if I think I will have fun by dancing. It is not only concerning dance, but whatever you want to learn, like singing. Don’t think about others and do whatever you want to do. I think this is very important.


When do you create your best dance moves, does it always happen in a dance studio?

I need a mirror to choreograph, so I naturally create dance moves in the practice room, but first I think about moves in places like the subway, where there is a lot of people. It’s like image training. I choose the music and play it inside my head, and then keep imagining the moves and then I create the choreography at the dance academy, it’s like transforming imagination into reality.

What made you first realise you wanted to pursue a career as a professional dancer?

Pursue as a pro… I think I had a lot of opportunities to teach people how to dance since I was a kid. Like at small dance associations at school, and when I got older I started to teach how to dance by dancing in a dance crew. When I create choreography I think about how I can dance on a specific song, but when I was a trainee and I learned dances I felt like I was limited. I wanted to dance on my own way but I had a lot of limitations, so I thought I should create the dance from the start. That’s how I started to become a professional dancer.


What are 3 words that describe how much dance means to you?

Three words, three or new words? Whatever? Three words…

First, being realistic money! It makes money. To be realistic, I can make a living with the job. The second word, I have a tattoo on my waist, which means Lucid dream. If we consider that reality is a dream I can create anything that I want. And I can make that creation real. I think this is the second word, Lucid dream, and that my creation is my dance.

The third word is courage! Courage. I think a lot a people still think that men have to be in a particular way, and women in an other, and I think we need courage nowadays. If a man wants to show his feminine side, you have to break people’s opinion and don’t be afraid. You can change people’s universal thought through dance, dance is your own tool. That’s why I think the third word is courage. Is that too risky to say?...

Who do you really want to choreograph for?

Yes I have someone in mind. First, if I talk about Korean artists, it would be Red Velvet. I really like Red Velvet’s musical style. Their style is really unique and is unpredictable. That’s why I appreciate it a lot. I would like to choreograph for them. The next person would be Hyunah. HyunA. Really HyunA yeah~

Your Europe tour starts very soon, can you give a shoutout/ short message to all your European fans?

Today! I arrived at Frankfurt to start the European tour. I flew 12 hours with Asia Unit and came to this hotel. I am really touched and I want to share this feeling with you through dancing and teaching. It will not only be a time where you will learn dance, but also a great time, a great moment to share. I would like people who don’t know much about dance to come to my class and get into it. You know, fantastic things happen in our world these days. Unusual things, like a rabbit can suddenly appear in a here. I will show you an unknown world. Let’s have fun together. Yay!!

Special thanks to our partners, Asia Unit.