24K in WARSAW, POLAND 2017

24K kept their promise and returned to Poland after one year.
The concert began with their latest song "Bingo". They went on to introduce themselves and said a few words to Polish 24U. 24K were really happy to be in Poland again and of course the new members, Changsun and Hongseob, were warmly welcomed by Polish fans. 

Halfway through the concert they organized a small event for fans, where they made 3 teams and each one of them chose 1 fan to dance "BINGO" with. The winners got autographed CDs! To keep the excitement going, they performed "Honestly", "Hey you", "Still 24K" and "Super Fly" which are songs Polish fans love, because last year Polish 24U prepared a flashmob for 24K! 

Photo gallery of 24K
24K wanted to show everyone that Polish fans know how to party, so they did a live broadcast through V App. The entire audience danced in excitement and stamped their feet! This is something Polish fans are famous for doing at every concert - it's a way of showing the artists their happiness.

2017-01-09 17.48.03.jpg

Polish 24U prepared a birthday cake for HongSeob to celebrate his birthday on 8th January.

Although some fans lined up from the early hours of the morning, it was an unforgettable show! Some even cried, but these tears were tears of joy. In the end, 24K announced their comeback and Cory said, "Poland is like our second home" and even promised to return to Poland next year for another concert!


Thanks to: Kanzen Music, Kinetic Vibe, BeatCraze Polish Team: Dominika & Ania