6 Ultimate Ways to Prepare for a Concert

With so many shows coming up this Winter make sure you're prepared to make the most of your concert experience! Whether you're going to see K-pop or K-hiphop artists, Skepta, The Weeknd, Gallant, Drake or Bruno Mars , here are 6 tips to get you ready!

1) Pick your outfit

Outfit clothes concert

Concerts are just like a night out with your friends so make sure you're dressed to impress! But let's be honest you don't want aching feet at the end of the night. So comfortable shoes and a jacket is a must for this cold winter.

2) Learn the songs

Learn the songs

If it's a world tour, you can check online fansites or ask the promoters for a setlist. They should be floating around somewhere. Listen to the songs and learn the lyrics and fan chants so you don't feel left out and embarrassed. 

3) Find a buddy

Friends concerts

This could be your man, your girl, friends, family or your mutuals on social media. Ensure you and your friends have the right tickets. The last thing you want is leaving your friends in the VIP queue whilst you line up for general entry.

4) Keep your belongings safe

concert keys.jpg

Beware of pickpockets. If you have coats and bags with you be sure to put them in the cloakroom or use a locker at the venue. Keeping your items at the cloakroom for the night can cost approximately £2/€2. If you are in the moshpit, be sure to keep an eye on your personal items (phones, cash, travel card and wallet) whilst getting turnt!

5) Merchandise


Find out the prices beforehand and bring the right amount of cash with you as some shows do not accept card payments. Top tip- don't wear another band's merchandise at the show as you may get unwanted attention. Make sure you are wearing the right merch for the right group!

6) Bring a power bank

Ensure your phone is fully charged. Bring a power bank to give your phone extra juice whilst you spend hours lining up blasting out your favourite tunes with friends. Having enough memory on your phone or camera to capture those once in a life time moments of your bias is also essential! Yes you may have to delete some of those squad pictures.

Let us know what concerts you're going to this winter by tweeting us!