Interview: History in London (Europe Tour 2016)

We conducted a short interview with the members of HISTORY before their show on Sunday 21st February. Read on to find out their answers to the questions fans submitted to us.

- Which MV was most memorable to shoot?
Might Just Die music video was the most memorable because we had to show our abs and that was difficult for us.

- If you had to be stuck in a room with 1 member who would you pick and why?
Yijeong: I would pick leader Kyungil because I already share a room with him.
Jaeho: I’d pick Dokyun because he’s always ready and prepared for anything that could possibly happen

- Which concept would you like to try next?
Jaeho: We have done a lot of masculine concepts so we’d like to try a fun playful concept…someone who likes to go out and have fun.

-How different are European fans compared to Korean?
Jaeho: European fans have a different sound in their screams and they are full of excitement and energy!

-Before you arrived in London, what was your original impression?
Dokhyun: When we heard we were going to London we thought “wow London is really far away.” 
Sihyoung: Our first impressions were football…
Kyungil: …And architecture- we knew it would be an artistic city and a cultural hub.

-Do you know any London slang?
History: Not really…
Kyungil: Water water water and Harry Potter (in a London accent). Can you teach us some London slang we could say on stage?

BC: You can say “what’s up bruv?” “Bruv” means brother or friend.
History: What’s up bruv? Thank you bruv.
BC: You have to do it with attitude.
History: What’s up bruv! *hand movements*

As we were leaving the room they kept saying “Bye bruv!”

Special thanks to Kevin, Katy, Loen Ent, History and the fans