INTERVIEW: Damndef - Korea's New Grime Artist

We reached out to Damndef - Korea's upcoming Grime artist who has been co-signed by BBK's JME. Damndef released his debut single "Do It" via SBTV on January 6th. Check out the interview below as he tells us how London based music is breaking into Korea!

Korean hiphop is becoming popular in London, how popular is UK grime in Korea?

In Korea, Grime is mania music. I am the only one who does Grime MC in Korea, and only a few DJs play this music in ITAEWON or HONGDAE, the cutting edge of KR music scene. But it will be bigger soon because I think Grime is the next wave.

When did you get into grime?

In 2015, I saw ‘Shutdown’ music video on Youtube I fell in love with Grime immediately.

Which UK grime artist would you like to work with?

I don’t care. No matter who I work with, it is a great honor to me.

Who's your biggest inspiration?

If you’re talking about an artist, my answer is Skepta. His cultural movement is awesome.

How did you come up with your name "Damndef"?

As you can see, Damndef mean is, it is as it is. Damn... def! Cool, isn’t it? haha. My previous nickname ‘unorthought (abbreviation of unorthodox thought)’ was difficult to pronounce. I had to introduce to the audience while performing, but… You know what I’m saying? So I decided to change my name. I had to find an easy and cool name. I don’t remember the making process well, anyway I liked the meaning of Damndef and it is sticky when I spit it. So I came to use this.

Damndef Korean Grime

Are you planning on appearing on Korean hiphop TV shows?

If I can, sure.

Will you ever sign to a record label or do you prefer being an independent artist?

If any label is interested in me and guarantees musical freedom, joining would be better for me, but if they want to interfere, independent will be better.

Do you have plans to visit London soon?

If I can get opportunity to visit, sure. I’m interested in LDN, and I think it is the best city in Europe.

What's your top 5 favourite Grime songs?

Ah, it is difficult. Every Grime song is sickkkk!

Skepta – Shutdown / Stormzy – Standard / Devlin – 50 Grands / Wiley - On a level / JME – Man Don’t Care

Do you have a message to your new fans?

Thanks for all your support. I will work hard to make you proud that you know me.

Thank you Damndef, for taking time out to speak with us. Follow his exciting new journey on Instagram and Twitter.