Interview: Paloalto, B-Free & Okasian in London

Hi-Lite records discuss London slang, Mino, Zico and Jay Park

We caught up with Korea’s underground rappers and producers, Paloalto, B-Free & Okasian in London. These artists from Hi-Lite Records successfully brought the K-Hiphop scene to London and expressed their thoughts on popular hiphop shows such as Show Me The Money & Unpretty Rapstar.

How’s your stay in London been?

Paloalto: It’s my first time in London and I really like it here. It’s very clean and the people are nice.

Okasian: I like it, I love it!

B-Free: It’s great, I love it, I love London!

How are you feeling about tonight?

B-Free: I’m hype, I’m kind of tired, we’re kind of jet-lagged but we’re still hyped

Paloalto: I’m very excited, it’s gonna be good tonight, fire!

Okasian: Tonight’s gonna be lit, it sold out already there’s gonna be a lot of people.

What projects are you currently working on?

B-Free: I’ve got an album called “Green Club” coming out with my little bro, Sway D. He’s a new member of Hi-Lite. So we got a small project going on.

Okasian: Right now I’m not working on no projects. I keep making songs, I don’t know, I need to figure out how we’re gonna put it out.

You were on Jay Park’s latest album “Worldwide” how was it working with him?

B-Free: It wasn’t much difference he gave me a verse and I destroyed it. We do party together, we see each other at parties. It was a lot of fun (working with Jay Park)

Okasian: It was fun man, it was dope making music with him.

Have you learnt any London slang and what British food have you tried?

Okasian: Innit, innit bruv. Underwater Squad innit! I’ve tried Fish and Chips! And... I can’t remember the name I was too jet-lagged.

Do you know any UK grime artists?

B-Free: Skepta! Shut Down!

Okasian: I know Skepta and Macca Wiles.

How was it working with Mino and Zico during SMTM 4?

Paloalto: He’s always in the studio. Zico works very hard and it was very good working with him

B-Free: That was fun. Cause they work like crazy. Him and Zico…they work like slaves in the studio. All day shooting like 5 videos, 10 thousand songs. And you know I don’t work like that so I was like oh shit. But it was fun, yeah they work really hard.

People think K-Hiphop shows like Show Me the Money and Unpretty Rapstar exploit the underground hip hop scene. What do you think?

Okasian: I don’t know, honestly I didn’t like it when I first saw it. I really don’t know

B-Free: No, no no! Hell no! People like it so I guess it must be good or something. I think it’s real good for entertainment. CJ, that’s the company that made the show, I think they were smart cause there was nothing like that ever in Korean media. It was the 1st time people saw hip-hop on TV. They don’t even show rap videos on MTV. It was really smart! I grew up on MTV in Korea but it’s not hip-hop it’s different, they don’t show hip-hop.

Final comments

Paloalto: Thank you *Hi-five*

B-Free: Shout out to BeatCraze Events! Hi-Lite Records! I’m out.

Okasian: Shout out to BeatCraze Events, Okasian, Hi-Lite records, Underwater Squad!