[The Young Creatives] RAPPER - ASH B

Our fourth #TYC2017 artist is ASH-B. She is an independent rapper with the ability to move crowds to tears with her lyrics. Ash-B is mostly known for her appearances on Unpretty Rapstar Volumes 2 and 3. She is overwhelmingly confident in her craft and her past experiences have led her to where she is today. Find out how ASH-B has become an inspiration by maintaining her creativity in this male dominated scene!

Name: Yoonjeong Joo (Ash-B) 

Age: 24 years old (born in 1993)

City: Seocho-dong, Seoul

Q. Who or what inspires you to pursue music? 

I liked hiphop when I was in middle school. I decided to start doing music when I went to Dynamic Duo's concert and thought I wanted to be like them. I guess that’s all!

Q. What is the biggest challenge you’ve had as being young in this industry? 

Every second is challenging. I always want to do new things and don’t like things that are very obvious. I think rappers should be creative as every other job is. As long as this is my job, every moment is a challenge to me. 

Q. What inspires you to create your own path? 

I basically listen to every genre of music especially with SoundCloud. Sometimes, it feels much better when it is so random. It feels so good when you mix random colours on your canvas and pretty colours come out. I don’t like being predictable so it inspires me a lot. 

Q. Can you share any inspiring words to young to young creatives like you? 

If you have something that you want to do, you have to keep trying. You achieve a lot and you lose a lot but you shouldn’t stop trying. We are young. You will be rewarded. I was, and I am trying to live better. I want to say 'live for tomorrow.' 

Q. How old were you when you knew this is what you wanted to do? 

When I was 19. I was into hiphop. 

Q. How did you get to where you are today? 

I was a furniture designer when I was 22. I quit a year later because I wanted to do music. My family and friends laughed at me for that. I was thinking “it will be the opposite situation” and I worked with a small company and released my album, however, I was under debt. I had a difficult time. I can’t say all the details but that was the most difficult time in my life. 

My last change was an audition program called “Unpretty Rapstar”. People acknowledge me because of this program and so do my family and friends. I think I am here now because I have gone through hard times. Now I enjoy it and I have people that support me and I love myself. 

Q. How would you describe your style? 

Well mixed! I don’t want to colour my papers with only one colour. I guess I have more of a 'Bibimbap style'! 

Q. What sets you apart from others/ makes you unique? 

I try to make catchy music with a fun flow. Even with the same voice, I try to make it more fun and try to make something other people can’t do but I can. I would say I am a bit different? 

Q. What’s the biggest challenge of being a female in this industry? 

I don’t know whether I can say this, but it's keeping in shape. I was a bit chubby. I enjoy eating, sometimes too much. I want to look good in music videos and shows so I control what I eat and exercise a lot. Also, I want to be healthier. When I gain a bit of weight, I get comments saying “you've gotten chubby” so I need to keep in shape all the time. I think I would have gotten chubby if I haven’t had chosen this job. 

Q. What’s the most memorable thing that’s happened to you in your career? 

First of all, some people tend to ignore female rappers because there are only a few of us and they think female rappers are not doing well like they expect the worst from us. I performed at a small gig when I was an amateur. The male line ups of that gig ignored me when I said hello. And they were insulting me and laughing at my performance. However, it turns out they are still doing part time jobs or not as well-known as I am. How ironic is that?


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