[The Young Creatives] RAPPER - PENOMECO

Our seventh #TYC2017 artist is PENEOMECO. He is a successful songwriter, producer and rapper who is part of the collective, FANXY CHILD. In this interview, Penomeco tells us how his creativity has enabled him to work with some great musicians such as GOT7 and Zico. Get to know more about his personal musical experiences below!

Name: Penomeco (Dong-Wook Jeong)

Age: 25 years old (1992)

City: Seoul, South Korea

Who or what inspires you to pursue music?

I think I listened to Hip-hop music at a younger age compared to others so it was only natural for me to pursue hiphop music. I actually started making music together with ZICO when we met in Japan while I was studying there.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had as being young in this industry? 

My biggest challenge was telling my parents that I would make hiphop music. My parents must have been worried about me a lot at that time, because they couldn't imagine that I would make music and it was very unlikely to be successful in the industry. Apart from this, the challenge I have right now is more about making music so I'm pretty glad I had those challenges.

What inspires you to create your own path? 

I think the feelings that I have right now are very important. I've made my own music based on how I felt at that time. I'm trying to look at things in a positive way. But in a way, there is a constant conflict between the negative situations and other feelings and through that conflict, rational me and irrational me continue making a good synergy. 


Can you share any inspiring words to young people like you? 

I want them to be honest. This could be in different ways.

How old were you when you knew this is what you wanted to do? 

When I heard hiphop for the first time, I was 11. But I think it was way before that. I think I always wanted to have this life even though I didn't realise this beautiful path before when I was 11.

How did you get to where you are today? 

I've done what I've wanted to do. Whether it was music, or food, or whatever it was, I wanted to do everything that I wanted and be good at it so I've tried so hard. It's too early to say I am where I want to be so I'm going to do my best to get where I want to be.

Follow  Penomeco  and  BeatCraze Events  on Instagram

Follow Penomeco and BeatCraze Events on Instagram

How would you describe your style? 

A timid guy who wants to be sexy.

What sets you apart from others/ makes you unique? 

Actually, I can't find anything that makes me unique. If someone sees me differently compared to others, I guess that makes me unique. I haven't found anything yet and don't really want to. I don't really care about this when I make music. I look into it if it bothers me lol.

What’s the most memorable thing that’s happened to you in your career? 

I love my music so much. Not just me but others love my music, every moment that happens its memorable. I'm so happy during those moments!


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